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Advertising Is So Last Century

In a world full of wonders, we wonder why traditional advertising has only managed to hobble into the 21st century—tired, faded, and worn. More startlingly, most folks are using the same old tricks when a whole new world of communication is literally at their fingertips.

Customers today are shedding the cloak of unbridled consumerism, and are keen on building lasting relationships with the companies they champion. They're looking for authenticity, transparency, and truth. They appreciate communication instead of constant calls to action. The buzzword of the decade is "Social Media", but all we've really found so far is Social Advertising.

It's clear that companies today need help bucking the trend. Welcome to ADAIR. We put the "Media" in "Social Media".

Kids In A Candy Store

In our society, we accept that kids are naturally curious. But we often forget that adults are curious, too. Curiosity has afforded us all kinds of experience and learning, such as the ability to speak, walk, comprehend, and choose. It is through curiosity that we gain a greater understanding—and appreciation—for the world around us. When we're satisfying our curiosity, we are as the proverbial kid in the candy store.

People are most curious about the unfamiliar or unreachable. Do Africans see the Sahara as an exciting vacation destination or a fight for survival? The beach doesn't seem so exotic once you live a few miles from the ocean (trust us, we know).

What does this mean for you? Your organization, with all your processes, people, and products may seem common to you, but they're anything but common to your customer. Showing them the inner workings of your company gets their attention by appealing to their subconscious desire to satisfy their own curiosity.

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"Don't Just See It. Feel It."

We'll concede this probably sounds like some obscure Jedi reference, but we assure you it is not. Rather, it's our personal credo which we try to remember every time we set out to create an image. We don't want you to merely see the food, we want you to experience it. We aren't satisfied with you looking at that face, we want you to relate to it. Conveying emotion is a role we take very seriously in our work.

When you hire an ADAIR Team Photographer, in addition to getting a world-class, top-trained visionary, you're also getting a curiosity-driven storyteller who cares as much as you do about capturing the real soul of your organization.

This is the ADAIR promise.

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The Truth—Worth 10,000 Words

Bernie Madoff.  BP.  Peanut Corp of America.  It's no wonder that in this era of sensationalized media, mainstream society is dubious of Corporate America. But is it warranted? We believe most companies today are built on sound principles such as hard work, honesty, and value. And yet, most are looked upon with an unhealthy dose of skepticism.

Fortunately, there's something honest companies such as yours can do about it—Tell the truth. So long has advertising dulled society's senses that transparent messaging is like a shot in the arm. Customers are seeking a return to good old-fashioned values. Honest, truthful images are quite often met with wonder, warmth, and trust from an otherwise doubtful viewership. Your story, told in an organic, authentic way, invites people to let down their guard and get to know you for who you really are.

Doesn't that sound like something we could all use?

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Day In The Life—Corporate

You strive to be the best in your industry—a key motivation behind our desire to work with you. Has conveying your company's value in the face of your competitor's opposition proved to be a challenge? We want to show the world why you're the better choice. The key to this is found at the root of who you are.

We begin with your story. What ideas led to the creation of your company? Who was the founder? When was it founded? What are the key principles driving your innovation and efforts? Once we understand your brand's genesis, we then immerse ourselves in your present-day culture, processes, and people. We get an outsider's perspective on what it's like to look in on your day to day operations.

The next step is capturing the essence of your culture and processes through our unique photographic vision.

Day In The Life—Corporate isn't just Advertising 2.0 (the century-old approach with a little spit shine). This is the new marketing. We are ADAIR Creative, and we put the "Media" in "Social Media".

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Our Unique Vision

Our company was born out of the sole desire to bring authentic messaging to the corporate arena. Our unrivaled vision is what enables us to capture the soul of your company through world-class imagery.

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Our Packages

Our Day In The Life—Corporate service caters to a wide range of clients' needs, and is extremely affordable. Check out our packages for more info. And as always, feel free to contact us for a custom quote.

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Why It Matters

Enter the information age, where the most obscure opinion is merely a mouse click away. Authentic imagery featuring your culture speaks volumes, and breeds trust among buyers. That's just smart.

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