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Branding & Marketing Photography

Rather than focus on what you're selling, we capture unique imagery that visually articulates who you are as an organization—namely your culture, people, and processes. By leveraging the most unique and interesting aspect of your business, we'll help you immediately set yourself apart from your competition.

Our flagship process, Day In The Life—Corporate, is the only way today to capture the essence of your business in advertising caliber, commercial quality photography and filmmaking. We capture culture, and help you share your story with the world.

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Commercial Lifestyle Photography

Advertising photography may be manufactured, but at ADAIR we believe it should still come across as organic and real. Shoppers today are expertly analyzing ads to guage the level of believability. Our photographers take a unique approach—instead of hyping the shot with globs of makeup and fashion glam, we focus on the person or object being photographed. We firmly believe that by honing in on the soul of the subject, and uncovering the true character, viewers will make a deeper connection to your message—instantly.

If you're looking for high-fashion or moody-conceptual images, then we might not be the best fit for you. However, if you want honest, real images that stand up to the advertising standard, you won't find a better firm to satisfy your needs.

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