Meet Our Team:


Ron Adair - Creative Director

Ron has been in the creative and marketing field for over 16 years. Ron studied Commercial Advertising at Brooks Institute of Photography in Santa Barbara, California, after which he began working in advertising. It wasn't long before Ron saw a serious need in the commercial world for a new approach to advertising, marketing and branding communication. He decided to focus on what has become known as the new marketing paradigm, with an emphasis in visual communication.

Ron's sole aim is to help principled companies understand the new marketing rules, and embrace a level of transparency which their responsible decisions allow them to support. Ron has six beautiful children, an amazing wife, and a curiosity that drives grade school teachers mad.


Dan Hixon - Web Architect

Dan is our business-minded software architect. He is a problem solver. He leverages the latest tools and technologies to find creative solutions. He uses his business education to understand your needs from your perspective.

As a young boy he got tangled up in computer programming thanks to his discovery of the Apple IIe. Dan somehow managed to escape the fate of many of his peers and turned out to be a geek with social skills. He is not a big fan of science-fiction or fantasy novels and he has never experienced dungeons and dragons. Despite his apparent non-conformity, he blends in very well among his peers, and is very good at what he does.


Janese - Founder, Business Manager

Janese works hard to make sure the gears are greased and the wheels are turning. Overseeing the day-to-day, she ensures that the creative leashes are in place, and the creative juices are in flow.

When she's not cracking whips, cashing checks, or paying bills, Janese is spending time with her six doe-eyed children in beautiful Northern Utah.

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