ADAIR Creative is the Social Media Agency


ADAIR Creative is committed to helping responsible companies find their voice in this new era of social communication. The traditional advertising model is dead. The companies that lead us into the next era of growth will be those that have learned that the new marketing paradigm encompasses a truly open, two-way communication. ADAIR Creative is the agency with the tools to get you there.

We're bored with the same old ad blitzes that inundate us daily. We have a better way. Let us show you how to transform a typical customer's 30 second "in-attention span" into an insatiable appetite for more. We'll help you change what you say and how you say it. Your market will listen. And once you get them listening, they'll talk—to you, to their friends, and to the world.


So what does this mean for you? Opportunity. Most companies are struggling to know how to communicate now that Tivo is standard, Do Not Call lists are filled, and online advertising is largely ignored. The really smart companies, however, have figured out something so incredible, it's tantamount to magic: Don't talk at your market, communicate with them.

Let's face it. Advertising is dead. The days of shoving ad content down viewers' throats as they willingly swallow has long passed. The "blind consumer" mentality has waned, and buyers are taking control for the first time in decades.

The new marketing paradigm is here to stay. The companies embracing it now have a tremendous advantage. ADAIR will help you capitalize on it.

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